With 27 years of central banking experience as part of creating the European Central Bank from scratch, we support clients in releasing the potential of their micro-level data by applying the latest data analytics methods, developments and requirements, such as the General Data Protection Regulation, Open Data Directive, Shareability and Operability,  Artificial Intelligence Act, Ethics in Artificial Intelligence and a Strategy for data.

Partnership with Central Bankers, Supervisors, Public Authorities and Regulations

  • Regular Micro-level and transactional data reporting
  • Central banking reporting requirements
  • Supervisors & Macroprudential regulatory reporting requirements
  • Regulatory Reporting/Compliance 
  • Fraud and illegal financing 

Supporting you in Large Scale Data Management (insourcing or outsourcing)

  • Database structures and dynamics 
  • Input, throughput and output functional requirements
  • Static and Dynamic Data & Textual, stocks & flows, period, Transactional and high frequency data
  • Data and quality management, data collecting & testing, statistics, indicators, 
  • Organisation & Planning, Data officers, Stewards, Ownerships, 
  • Generating insights to Management & Board for Strategic Decision Making 

Data Science Analytics 

  • Data protection, anonymization of individual data and micro-aggregation methods
  • Data and textual analysis
  • Data quality, representativity and statistical measures
  • Pattern detecting and tracking abnormal behaviour 
  • Applying modelling and algorithms for data insights 
  • ML & Augmented AI for efficient data & Insight Management 
  • Optimise your data services and data sharing
  • Knowing Your Customer Management 
  • Money Market and Interbanking tractional data, Lending to corporates and households, liquidity cash and debt security pools
  • Debt securities, issuers and holders, transactions, network exposure & analytics
  • Financial markets prices & yields, interest rates, Volumes, Short-Term Papers
  • Analysis of customers, financial instruments, digital and card payments, 
  • Multipurpose external accessibility for reporting, analytics and research purposes
  • Web-based Real-time Digital Visual Communication